Still Naive, Not Photogenic (sliefoxx) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Still Naive, Not Photogenic

Rank Question :P


In FMA, how do the military rankings succeed?

'Cause I was doing some looking, and either I've memorized character's titles wrong, or FMA just messed with the rankings wrong ... for example:

Hewes outranked Mustang by one 'level', 'Major' over Colonel. But what I was reading, was that the Colonel title actually outranks 'major' twice, Lieutenant Colonel being inbetween ... another example:

'Furher' is a title held in Germany, holding no real comparison to say ... 'General', which is the highest American ranking ... and I dunno if Archer was called 'Brigadier' or 'Brigadier General', because if taken literally, each holds different rankings in American and British offices, so that would make Archer have an extremely high rank or intermediate (But either way, it outranks Colonel ;_;), but that difference is by a few levels, so it matters ...

And I think a few titles were mixed between Navel and Army rankings, so that further confuses me. O.O

So! Either I'm wrong, the writer of FMA is wrong, or the translators are wrong, because I'm sure Japanese rankings would differ from the American, German, AND British subsequence too, which doesn't help me, but I'd like to point out that Fullmetal Alchemist DOESN'T take place ANYWHERE near Japan, no matter how thoroughly fangirls have Alphonse say 'niisan', and Edward call Colonel Mustang 'Taisa'. >.<

This urks me greatly.

Can you help me? *WIBBLE* O.O
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