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23 March 2006 @ 10:41 am
I bring more fanficcage. Lawl.

Title// Of Coffee and Chocolate
Author// akaeoko a.k.a. Brisa
Rating// PG-13, I guess. Swearing.
Characters// Alphonse. RoyxEdward. Hints of past RoyxHughes.
Word Count// 6375
Summary// Edward stupidly runs out into the freezing cold and rain for hours on end and Alphosne asks for Roy's help when he can't find Edward.
Notes// In character this time. I guess this is all kinda cliche, a bit. Ehh. Partially beta'd. No spoilers, unless you don't know what Ed and Al found out when they decoded Marcoh's research. Takes place the day after the research was decoded.

(Brother, I'm back.)