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OH MY GOD YES! (May have some spoilers though I dun see the point if you've been watching AS.)

Some cute amv's I found on YouTube :D! I'm waiting to find one where Ed sings, "WE SHOULD BE LOVERS!" Doesn't matter who's on the other end just having Ed sing that would make my day XD!

First one is just AWSOME! X3! It's Alchemists in tights. If you've seen any of Mel Brooks work you'll know what it's from XD!

This one... ok I need to be shot for sharing this. Spondge Elric Explaining fun.

If you've seen Grease the movie you'll know what this is xD.

This one is another song from the same movie. Though amusing all the same.

I did not make any of these BUT ALL ARE HOLARIOUS! In one way or another.
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