Dragon Scholar (dragonscholar) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Dragon Scholar

A little crack-thought

My friend Kompy did a rather nice picture of Ed Elric as a Gryphon.

Of course, I enjoy tormenting her with art suggestions (Such as interpreting Naruto characters ala Wacky Racers), so I throw it out to you all - what other mythical creatures do YOU think the FMA cast. Perhaps we can give her new ideas ;)

Alphonse - Tantalus, Golem, Phoenix (I just feel Phoenix fits him).
Armstrong - Tantalus, Giant
Envy - Naga
Furey - Satyr (but a cute, harmless one)
Greed - Were-hyena/Gnoll
Hughes - Werewolf (he looks so scruffy anyway)
Izumi - Gorgon/Medusa (it's the hair)
Lust - Succubus
Riza - Centaur (known for marksmanship)
Roy - European Dragon (fire-breather)
Sloth - Mermaid (of course)
Sheksa - Fairy
Winry - Pixie/Fairy/Gnome.
Wrath - Red Cap


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