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I Just found( and immediately joined)this Community, and thought I'd try showing my post-movie fanfic.
Title-Another Gate
Genre-Action, EdxWin
Time & Place-Germany, about 1 year after the movie 
Notes- Be warned, there ARE Spoilers from the movie.  If you want to see all of the parts of this fanfic that I have written so far, look in my journal.
Summary- Edward and Alphonse Elric have decided to stay in Munich. Ed has already graduated from college and is trying to figure out what he could do with his life since he can't be an alchemist. Al is going to college, but he is rapidly catching up with his older brother. While they have adjusted well to their new surroundings, the Elric brothers still dream about where they came from.

The Fullmetal Alchemist was in yet another fight. This time, it was with his own superior. Ed had just barely avoided a stream of fire launched from colonel Roy Mustang. Thinking quickly, he placed his hands together, completing a transmutation circle in a way that he had learned when he had reached the dividing line between two worlds, then placed his left arm upon his right. As he did so, a part of the steel that made up his right arm elongated and sharpened, creating a long blade that was attached to his arm. With expert aim, he sheared the transmutation circle on Mustang's glove off. Confident of his win, Ed clapped his hands again, this time placing both hands on the ground. As soon as he did this, a huge, alchemically made cannon rose out of the ground. But, to his dismay, Mustang was smiling. If there was anything that Edward Elric had learned, it was that if Mustang was smiling at him, bad news quickly followed. Ed's yellow eyes filled with surprise and horror as mustang finally pulled his left hand out of his pocket. He had another glove. As soon as Mustang snapped, the cannon blew up.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!" This was not Ed screaming. This was the delighted squeal from about ten little kids listening intently to Ed and Al's story. The Fullmetal Alchemist was not fighting Roy Mustang. He was in fact telling young children about what had happened to him in another place. In fact, the Elrics weren't even in their own world. Ed and Al were in Munich, not central. Parents watched from another room as the brothers told story after story to their children. "Tell us another story." one of the younger children said.

"Sorry, but we gotta go." came Ed's gentle reply.

"Yeah, we have to go home." Al agreed.

Despite the opposition, Ed and Al eventually waded through the group of kids and went through the door.

* * * *

That night, Ed and Al were both unable to sleep. "Brother?" came the voice of Al.

"Yeah?" Ed answered.

"How do you think everyone at home is doing?"

"I don't know."

"Do you ever miss them?"

To Ed, that was a very stupid question. Of course he missed them. He missed everyone in Risembool. He missed everyone in the military. He even missed Mustang (to a certain extent). But he missed Winry the most. Just before Ed answered His brother's question, Al screamed. "Brother!"

Suddenly, Ed realize that he and Al were slowly rising into the air. A dark hole had appeared in the ceiling, and was pulling the Elrics toward it. "Al!' Ed managed to yell back before he was pulled into the darkness.

* * * *

The brothers had landed on what looked like nothing. They stood in an area of pure white light. As they slowly turned around, they saw something that horrified them. "No," both of the Elrics said at the same time. Standing before them was the gate. The gate that had divided the two worlds. The gate they had destroyed. No, Ed thought. This wasn't the same gate. It was newer, had different designs. Somehow, someone constructed a new gate. As this thought hit Ed, the gate opened. Ed remembered being pulled through the gate, then nothing.

* * * *

Ed slowly awoke to the harsh sunlight on his face. As his eyes focused, he saw his younger brother looking at him with a worried look on his face. "What happened?" Ed asked.

"Look around." replied Al in a funny voice.

As Ed took in his surroundings, the memory of what happened the night before came rushing back to him. Finally, Ed realized where he was. No way. Ed thought. They were sitting right in front of Winry Rockbell's house.
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