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Yet another 'Oh no, Ed is leaving and he'll never come back!' Ed/Win angst ficlet! =DDD

Title: Neverending Relationships
Author: Mika9101
Pairing: Ed/Win
Rating: PG, for some slight Edo and Win angst ^^;;
Summary: Winry shares her fear of death with Ed, telling him that she's afraid he'll never come back, just like her parents who she loved dearly. How does Ed respond to this?

She was so scared. Death. Her biggest fear. She realized it after her parents were killed in the Ishbalan war. She waited and waited for them, even promised to her that they would come back, but they never did. They were killed. Now, they're gone. Forever. "Ed!" Winry dropped her tool box from the shock of seeing Edward all wrapped up in bandages. In the hospital, of all places! "Oh, hey Win! Long time no see, huh-" She snapped at him, "Don't you 'Long time no see' me, Edward Elric!" Ed gulped. When she used his first and last name, that meant she was really pissed off. "What happened to you?! You look horrible, Ed!" Ed just looked away, trying to avoid her question. She asked again, but he still remained silent. Winry looked down at the floor with clenched fists and tried to ignore her frustration, but just couldn't. "Nevermind. Not like you would tell me anyway." She turned away and walked out the door, tears falling down her cheeks. "Winry! Winry-" Lieutenant Ross stepped in front of Ed, blocking his way."Ed, don't. I'm sure Winry just needs to be alone for a while. Just let her be, and she'll come back and forget about the whole thing." Ed sat back down and layed against the bedrest. "I hope so."

It was 7PM, and Winry still never came back. Ed was going to go search for her after he ate his dinner, but was forced to take his medicine, causing him to fall asleep. His body was turned to the window, his flesh arm used as a rest for his head and his automail hidden underneath his pillow. There was a small knock at the door while it slowly opened. "Ed, you awake?" He snored loudly. "Obviously not." She let out a sigh and grabbed her tool box, heading towards the bed. "Honestly Ed, you really can't take care of anything now, can you?" "Hey, at least I'm not a machine geek." She jumped a bit, startled that he was awake. "Well it's better then being a short alchemist freak!" Ed shot up with a, "WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SHORT YOU CAN BARELY SEE HIM THROUGH A MAGNIFYING GLASS?" Then calmed down a bit after Winry started to laugh. He liked the sound of her laughter, it let him know she was alright. "Sometimes I wish I could hear that everyday," She said through her laughing. Ed smiled, a little hint of sadness in his voice. "What's that suppose to mean?" She stopped laughing and stared straight at him. He stared back at her, smiling at first but then started to worry about her. "Win?" Tears started to form into her eyes as she stared at him, but then immediately started to rub them off with the back of her wrists. He hated to see her cry. "Winry, why are you crying?" She started to sniffle a bit. "Do you have any idea how scared I am for you, Edward? Sometimes I think that.. that you won't return to me. That you'll go off to do a mission and never come back, just like Mom and Dad!" Ed looked at her with widened eyes while she started to cry even more, grabbing Ed's shirt, sobbing into it. He grabbed her shoulders and looked at her with serious eyes. "Winry, we've already gone through this, I promised that I will-" She grabbed onto his shirt even tighter. "That's what they said! They said the same exact thing and never came back! The people I loved so much just disappeared, and now I can never see them again!. Do you ever even think about that, Edward? Do you?" Ed covered his face with his bangs and grabbed Winry, hugging her fiercly. "Of course I do, do you think I'm some kind of mindless zombie or something?" She giggled a bit at his comment, sniffling. "Well, sometimes I do." Ed looked at her with his deadly glare, causing Winry to giggle even more. Ed slowly smiled, resting his arm around Winry's shoulders. "Well, just remember this Win," She looked at him with red cheeks, waiting for him to finish his sentence. He sneaked a peek at her really quick, then immediately looked straight forward, blushing as well. He pushed her closer to him, looking down at her. He cupped her cheek with his flesh hand, and he leaned in closer, whispering, "Death may end life, but it can never end a relationship." And they both shared a soft kiss, never letting go of each other.

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