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Help with On line FMA RPG

Hey, can anyone help me set up a Online Live Journal RPG?


It's a FMA RPG that is after Movie and takes place in the "Real World". I wanted to combine Historical as well as Literary Elements with some stuff tossed in from films like Indiana Jones and the Mummy. I'm thinking a Jazz Age RPG where the characters can interact with folks ranging from Houdini, Einstein, HG Wells to Nina Harker and Sherlock Holmes. The premises is the Rift wasn't closed and the incident with the Thule Society opened the world to some strange and mystical powers that threaten both the FMA World and the Real world.

I need a small group of players, and they can do anyone form the FMA cast, even folks who died. This unstable rift Idea will allow dead characters to come back. I plan on individual attention to each character, (which is why I want it small) and will take PLOT hooks if players are interested in tossing them at me (for character developement). I'm an open GM. As long as it is in character or a reasonable interpretation of the characters, I will accept it (I am not adverse to slash as long as the players develope the character relationships/chemistry in game. I was rather intrigued by some of the discussions about the gate and certain plot holes we've seen in the series, so this RPG is out to explain some of them. I am not a cannonite, mainly becasue cannon seems to have to many holes if taken in series/film context. Besides, players and Gm can expand on cannon and toy with other stuff as well.

Anyhow, I need help moderating it and brainstorming it. I can put up the LJ account if folks are interested.
Any thoughts?
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