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Yay! My first post in the community, hi guys~ T'was an Hagaren nut...but then I found Tokyo Mew Mew, and fell in love with that. But I love Hagaren now again <3.

I come bearing CG Manga X3! RAWR~

My precioooooooooous <3. This turned out so good >w< Especially the auto-mail, and the background :D. Ed's hair is the worst thing to work with, it almost never looks good in my CG manga ;-;. But skin is always the funnest part for me. Critique is nice, I want to improve more.

Photobucket downsized it, so it's about...1/3 of the actual size now O_o;
You can go Here to see the full picture. Mwah >3<.
The rain is absolutely horrid, and the coloring of Scar is DEFINATELY off. I had no reference xx; Sorry his skin came out practically the same color as his jacket *diez*. I have NO experience with coloring dark skinned people x____x;. Other then that, I like it, and it's "Dynamic"-ness
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