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17 March 2006 @ 07:31 am
BredaxFeury, baby. >:D  
I've been inspired by the mighty artistic prowess of one chrstphrl. I blame him for this madness.

When I typed this, I spelled 'inspired' incorrectly at least five times.

BredaxFury is the pairing, so if it's not your cup of tea, no need to see it. :D It's semi-worksafe if you're feeling prudish, since it's got a topless Feury from the back. Sadly, no butt shots here, as I fail at drawing man butts. *has man-butt ANGST*

In the mean time, enjoy. :D

( Oh woe is me who cannot draw the butt of hot man like Feury, who is a BEAST. *ANGSTS* )