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Sunrise // Chapter Two (+ a prologue just because) Roy x Ed

Oh dear this took a while. I'm so sorry this chapter took such a long time for me to write! If I wasn't busy, I was either completely drained or my muse for fluff had simply fluttered away. The next update shouldn't take as long as this one did, I swear. ^_^;

Also! Sunrise now has a prologue now so you won't be all wondering what's going on.

Roy gets a little sappy this chapter. But it's love. And I also freely admit that I am sending subliminal health messages through Edward. >_>

Title: Sunrise
Rating: PG-13.
Genre: Completely AU. It's sort of hard to define this as everything is going to be a roller coaster of genres, so I guess I'm going to have to stick to drama. Be prepared.
Pairing: Edward x Roy. And some other pairings just for the hell of it.
Warnings (Overall): Yaoi, random spoilers abound, mild violence, ridiculous amount of angst in chapters to come. (But most of all that isn't even in this chapter, so you're safe for now.)

Previous Chapters
Chapter One

( "You were prancing around the office all day saying how much Ed would love your anniversary gift. As it included a hotel and restaurant, I suspected April would need a babysitter." )

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