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Fma clue

i wasn't going to post this today because in art today a knife got stuck in my finger and it hurts so bad and people keep telling me that they might have to cut it off and i'll have to get a fake finger(that would be awsome i could take it off and scare little kids^.^)anyway, but i told my friend alannah that i would post it for her so here

ok so the story is that ed and al invite fletcher,russel,roy,and riza over for a party. Ed is found dead in one of the rooms of the house. now it's up to the guests(and al) to find out who did it by playing clue

Riza the only one who would bring logic to a party(party pooper)

i forgot to erase that pencil line*stupid stupid*i'm going to go jump out a window

more coming soon
and also i won't post the rest in elricest just in fm_alchemist

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