Dani (l_envyxedward_l) wrote in fm_alchemist,

What'd I say? XDD I knew I'd be back with more; I just had to find my muse ^^;;

All of these, again, are worksafe. Very fluffy, and the images are a bit large.

Image hosting by TinyPic
More captivity practice, though I know...my wrists really suck. I don't dive much into depth perception x_X
Image hosting by TinyPic
For my friend Yesenia. It's very random ^^;;
Image hosting by TinyPic
More fatherly love, since the last one I drew seemed popular ^^;; I took a different approach this time, using nightmares as the excuse for coddling goodness : 3
Image hosting by TinyPic
A kit in trouble...kits tend to play in mud I guess...-.- Though, I am considering do a little comic for this scene, because I'm a sap like that XD;;

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