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I S L A N D RP : When Multiple Fandoms Collide on a Small Piece of Land

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Was it a wormhole? A Bermuda Triangle situation gone wrong? A dimensional warp? Nobody knows, and who cares?! You're on this island now! There's no way to get to this island by boat, plane, or any other means of transportation, so that also means no likely means of escape. Better start figuring out where to sleep tonight.

As this is a multi-fandom rp, i_s_l_a_n_d_rp (yes, it DOES have that many underscores.), is looking for more players to join in the suffering fun! What does this mean for you? Most characters of Fullmetal Alchemist are open. Mainly, the main characters are open.
So if you're itching to transmute as Edward Elric or live among the palm trees as Envy, this is your chance, especially since you are allowed canonal powers and background. And speaking of canon, we DO mean, staying in character. XD;

For more information, please visit our main page.

Find yourself interested? Then go and apply! (please read through the whole profile; all the information is there and I don't want to clutter this page up further with stuff.)
Of course, you are not limited to Fullmetal Alchemist so if there's another series, go right ahead! Just make sure that person isn't taken yet.

General note: there are and WILL be spoilers for certain series on this RP (for right now, obviously FMA and the Bleach characters are set post-Soul Society arc). Some characters are in themselves, spoilers. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Also, as for rating, we're somewhere around the PG-13 zone. So yes, there will be swearing, antics, innuendo and all that good stuff. Come on, it's an island. We are not restricting homosexual/heterosexual pairings and heck, we've even dubbed the main island 'UST Island' right now, so eheh...yeah. XD
NC-17 stuff isn't banned but we do have a rule that you must have a warning for that stuff. So you innocents, you're in good hands. :)

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