ginryuu (kasa_raven) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Please help find this fic


I hope someone can help me with this. I forgot the title of this certain fic. It's a RoyxEd pairing if I remember right. If anyone can get me the story or the link, I'd be grateful. My memory of it is rather low because I was just told about it but couldn't remember who did tell me. But I'll try to summarize what I remember.

Basically, in the story, it started with Roy and Ed. Roy was prisoned I think by the Homunculus and Ed went to save him. However, they didn't get out as fast.... I think Roy caused the delay... Not sure.... But anyway, they were caught together and I think Ed got raped by Envy while Roy was forced to watch and then, Roy (when they were saved) took care of Ed?

I'm not quite sure but something like that. If you know any, please help.

Thank you!

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