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Episode 28

Okies, like episode 27, this episode wasn't plot-filled.
Just character development.

- The Elric Kyoudai go back to the island where they once had that trail training.


- They had to fend for themselves... with just a knife.
- Big, strong dude wearing a demon mask beats on 'em.
- They catch a bunny, but can't kill it.
- They finally start fishing.
- They catch once in a while.
- Days pass and they get better.
- The Demon-Guy comes back.
- He beats on Al.
- Ed is on the ground, staring at ants eats a dead bug.
- Ed gets up, and walks over, his knife in hand.
- "Let go of Al..."
- He does.
- More days pass. They are really good at this now.
- Ed finally can kill the bunny (He says "Gomen na" first. Aw...).
- Izumi comes bakc to pick him up.

-= Present =-

- During these flash backs, we switch back and forth from present to past.
- Ed and Al search for food.
- Al catches fish inside of him.
- They hear something in the bushes (It's the new guy with long, green hair that is in the OP).
- They are confused, and thinks it is Izumi's doing.
- Izumi comes back and the Kyoudai tells 'er.
- She says it wasn't 'er.
- The green guy comes out.
- Everyone is all: "o.O; omliekwtf!1!!1"
- Episode End.

Episode 29 looks VERY good. It's Green-Haired-Guy-filled.
Maybe he is Izumi's son, or something... o.O;;
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