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Winry Ficlet

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Title: Waiting
Author: Ikuyona
Rating: PG
Words: 151
Disclaimers: Fullmetal Alchemist belongs to Hiromu Arakawa, not me.
Comments: This is the ultimate Winry angst, in my opinion. Thanks for the beta-read, okotachi!

The sun was setting on a beautiful Fall day in Resembool. Crisp air swirled all around the tiny town and its many rolling hills, occasionally carrying a few decaying leaves along with it, giving them the illusion of temporary life as they danced toward the ground for the first and final time.

At the top of one of the highest hills sat a lonely looking girl. She hugged her knees to her chest to keep warm, and she wore a far-off gaze in her puffy eyes.

"This isn't fair at all, you two." Winry spoke weakly after hours of silence. "You always keep me waiting."

After a moment of pausing for a response that would never come, Winry shuddered and hid her face behind her folded arms. Muffled sobs echoed softly down and across the rolling hills of Resembool as the last few rays of sunshine illuminated the carved lettering on two newly-made gravestones.

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