....Heaven's a Lie...... (heerodiscarded) wrote in fm_alchemist,
....Heaven's a Lie......

Looking for 'backgrounds' for building a model.

Hate to bother the community- but I was wondering if anyone had artbook images/fanart/magazine scans/screen caps/etc of the Movie version of Munich ( or any location from the series or film).

I'm specifically & especially in need of locations/buildings like Hei's apartment, the flower shop- etc.
( Which are difficult to find in-whole )

I'd like to build a model of some of the town and have most everything needed, sans the sort of reference I'd like.

I'd prefer actually visible stills, thus my turning towards others for insights, in the stead of trying to work around my muddy/blurry version of the movie.

(I'm sincerely hoping to luck out & find actual colored 'backgrounds' of mere scenery and buildings of scenes)

So, any help would be appreciated. Even if it's just pointing/throwing me somewhere. *Grins*"

Cross posted.
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