The Glass Sword (sannask) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Glass Sword

Ep 50 Dub - Hoju's voice artist identified/admitted

So I was talking to Mike McFarland (co-director of FMA, directed 50 and 51 specifically, voice of Havoc) last night before Ep 50, and asked him if he was going to come into fmadub chat. He said nay, he was going to to dinner. At the time, I said, "Well I know we're gonna love it anyway, but come in if you get back in time so we can send you lurve." He said he'd try.

Episode 50 aired, we were all blown away. Especially with... Hoju (who apparently can't be identified for the tiny fraction of people who still don't know who Hoju is). We couldn't figure out who he was! Scott McNiel (Hohenheim)? Vic Mignogna who had... done something super-freaky to his voice to sound like that? Someone random?

Vic came into chat, we asked if he knew who it was. Vic knew, and would, not, tell. All we could get out of him was that it was /not/ Scott. I said, "Mike will tell us! ... if he comes in to chat."

He didn't show up last night... but I snagged him this morning. And the convo went like this:

(MikeOfDoom is not his screenname, I'm making that part up)

Sanna: ohhh you totally came back last night
Sanna: did you go to chat?
MikeOfDoom: nah.. i didn't get home until 1:30 or so
MikeOfDoom: enjoy the ep?
Sanna: oh. hell. /yes/.
Sanna: we have a question!!!
Sanna: WHOOO voiced Hoju??
MikeOfDoom: ?
Sanna: erm, real-envy
Sanna: we begged vic but vic said ask mike
MikeOfDoom: hehehehe.. like or no like?
Sanna: oh hell /very/ like
MikeOfDoom: well..
Sanna: we just can't figure out who he is
MikeOfDoom: it
Sanna: he kinda sounds like scott
MikeOfDoom: was
Sanna: but kinda not
MikeOfDoom: me
*Sanna pauses here, jaw open in shock, but the transcript doesn't quite show that*
Sanna: .... you lie. are you serious???
MikeOfDoom: nope. it was me
Sanna: are you effing serious????? !!!!
MikeOfDoom: it was my cross between ed and scott voice
Sanna: holy mother of --
Sanna: *goes to make post on lj*
Sanna: just be warned
Sanna: you're gonna get a LOT of "please have my babies" comments
MikeOfDoom: and, since envy is my fave, i wanted to do it
MikeOfDoom: i'm glad it was well recieved
MikeOfDoom: "What's wrong? I thought you wanted to see?"

ZOMG MIKE IS HOJU. I am.... wow. All Hail mikemc1.

... anyway. I figure at least one person wants to know this : p.
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