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Obligatory Fullmetal Alchemist observations.

Crossposted to my lj and fm_alchemist.

Australian television is barrelling through Fullmetal Alchemist at a brisk clip (four episodes a week, in fact), so I guess I won't have too long before I can see how it ends. It's up to 38 at the moment...

Interesting. Having read around, I've heard the general comment that 25-30 is around the place where it definitely splices off from the manga, making the plot inherently weaker. Which, I've gotta say, I don't really see. Yes, the plot is a tad confusing at times, with different strands and motivations, but I got the same feeling watching the Lab 5 episodes and they were based on the manga. I'm digging the anime plot just fine.

Random Comments and Observations:

- Good Lord, Breda's Armstrong costume includes the sparkly bits. Even the actual characters see them! Also, way to freak people out, Breda :-).

- Interesting idea with the gate, and with the homunculus origins. I like how they've been putting the hints in, though I have to confess that I had to have the Trisha Elric/Sloth similarity pointed out to me, despite the fact that it was practically broadcast in flashing lights several times. Hell, a friend of mine picked up Sloth/Trisha and Lust/Scar's brother's love straight away when I showed him 13/14, and they were the first episodes he'd ever seen! *sigh* Other people are more observant than me.

- Wrath's origin was clever, I thought, and so logical that I did guess it might be coming and was pleased that I was right. Pretty weird about turn with the evilness,though. Is it just his nature, I wonder, or the evil red stones?

- Speaking of which, what the hell's with Greed coughing them up and calling them his 'life'? That was the only bit of the Greed saga that made me scratch my head. I really hope they explain it.

- Also, half her organs are missing, and her body just 'adapted'? Errrr.... I mean, hysterectomy, yeah, appendectomy, okay, but a half-your-organs-ectomy is stretching it a tad.

- Was it me, or was the episode about Lust and the plague village the most inconsequential bit of padding ever?

- Winrey finds out about what Mustang did, and then finds out that everyone seems to trust him and consider him as the country's real hope. D'oh.

- Okay, I have to admit, when I saw they were making as episode about the angst ridden Colonel who killed thousands of people, nearly ate his own gun several times, and is trying to take over the country because of what amounts to an all-consuming sense of guilt, I really wasn't expecting to see "Colonel Mustang and his Wacky Subordinates, Part One, Two and Three!". So, um, points for surprising content, anyway.

- That said, it was rather funny, despite being a bit predictable. I'm not really much for wacky slapstick comedy, so I guess the fact that I found it amusing says a lot :-). Poor Havoc. And what was Riza dreaming about? Or who, I suppose :-).

- Things seem to be kicking into gear now. Woot!

Oh! And I found a neat post in kate_nepveu's journal that has a list of other people's comments on episodes as they watched them for the first time. Kewl.

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