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For all you RPers out there

Another crossover-ish RP for all to check out on! =D

Yeah, it's not on LJ, partly because I don't really like LJ roleplays a whole lot.. And generally get cluttered.

There's actually a slight plot going on in the RP (which I predict to grow as time moves on). In a nutshell, there is these dark blue crystaly shards that randomly appear in various dimensions, if they come into contact with someone it has a reaction to teleport them elsewhere (and it takes a long time for them to recharge again). No one knows what and where these crystals came from, but obiviously it's not normal.

Currently the character max is 5 canons(anything anime/manga or RPG) and 3 OCs. Not only that but alternate versions of characters are accepted. Meaning in the case for FMA: anime, manga, and movie editions of characters(and any other differences). Plus I'm also taking BBI characters and the recasted!Sins.

Right now there isn't many members, so there's still LOTS of spots open, which I really want to fill up. Not just for FMA, but other series as well ^^

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