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First try at LustxEd

I'm kinda new at writing fanfiction so any kind of comments would be helpful. ^_^
Warning: R (? I'm not sure)

When Lust first saw the signs that the boy was finally getting interested in women she was worried that the brat would get distracted, but she put her worries aside when she saw that he didn’t understand the feelings yet and kept on with his studies. She continued to watch to make sure even after it wasn’t necessary anymore, and she enjoyed it almost as much as the thought of becoming human again. It was when Envy finally noticed her visits to watch the kid while not under orders did she stop, or at least for a while.

When Edward started spending more time in the bathroom doing whatever and blushing every time he looked at women, Lust knew she had to do something before he got too distracted now. Every time a girl would ask him out to coffee later that day, the girl would have a little ‘accident’ and she’d have to cancel their little date. And if Edward ever did get to have dinner with a girl the food usually ended up bad and the lady would get sick and have to go home early.

After a while though these little favors Lust did for the boy ended up in a negative way, he started doubting if he could get his younger brothers body back so he researched less, and he tried harder to get a girl to go out with him. By this time though, he already had a bad reputation with dating. So Lust decided to do something different.

It was a sunny day in central, but the Fullmetal alchemist wouldn’t have cared either way. After word spread around that he was getting interested in women, everyone in Mustangs crew gave him advice about what he should watch out for, what things to say, and what to do if something or the other happened. It was entirely embarrassing when none of that worked and he got a bad reputation. Havoc tried to tell him that once he got use to it things wouldn’t be so bad, Fuery told him that he was sure Ed would do better next time, Falman was no help nor was Breada, Hawkeye said that none of what happened on his almost-dates were his fault and he shouldn’t worry about it too much, then it got so bad that Mustang himself tried to give Edward some advice. Every time no matter what he tried to do or say something always went wrong and Edward was ready to either take matters into his own hands or he was going to do something stupid. Most likely something stupid.

What Edward did not expect to happed earlier this morning was seeing the letter sitting on his bed from one of the humoculi. Lust asked him in this letter to meet her in a hotel room on a less used part of town to discuss something about the philosopher’s stone, alone and that also meant without Al with him. Usually he wouldn’t be so stupid as to do what any of the humoculi told him, but today he felt like doing something, anything to get his mind off of his girl troubles and if she was actually saying the truth he might just learn something that would help him be one step closer to regaining Al’s body back. That’s why he found himself standing outside of a dirty hotel room wondering if he should have came alone without telling anyone and maybe he should just go. Before he could decide witch though Lust had already known he was there and opened the door to let him in.

“This better be good Lust because I’m not in the mood to fight right now,” Edward herd himself say even before he noticed that the humoculus had opened the door .

“I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you. I promise that this will be interesting,” Lust winked at him after that just to see him blush.

“Fine then can we hurry this along. I have to get back to Al before he starts to worry were I went off to.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure this won’t take to much of your time. Come on in and we can start talking.”

Hesitantly Edward walked in, his usual scowl on his face. Lust smiled although a bit worried about how easy it was to get him here. She locked the door behind him and that made him get a little defensive, but not to much; apparently he was really curious to what she had brought him here for.

“Well? Aren’t you going to tell me something about the philosopher’s stone or should I just go now?”

“Relax, if I wanted to kill you I wouldn’t bother bringing you all the way out here.”

“Then start talking! I have better things to do than to just stand around and do nothing with you.”

“Oh? Something better? Like what, dating?” Lust smirked when she saw him flinch at that.

“No! I don’t care about that kind of stuff! All I care about is getting Al’s body back!” Edward was getting angry now.

“You know I am the essence of lust, if that wasn’t obvious enough with my name. If your having girl troubles you could always just ask me.” She winked and shifted her hips suggestively.

“That’s none of your business! How would you know about that anyway!” Edward was as red as his coat now.

“Tsk. How would I not know everyone in central knows about your girl problems.”

“You know what just forget this! And tell me what you were going to tell me so I can leave!”

“Actually I never intended to tell you anything.” She started walking towards Edward now.

“Then what--mmph!” Lust kissed Edward before he could finish that sentence and started unbuckling his belt.

Edward started to struggle so Lust pushed him onto the bed and pulled his pants down. She kissed him wherever she could as she was stripping the rest of his clothes off. Edwards loud protests turned into pleasurable moans as she started sucking on his cock. She played with his nipples encouraging more entrancing noises from the boy. Of course this didn’t last long being Edward’s first time with someone else, Lust swallowed his cum and licked up whatever was left at the base of his cock.

She let Edward catch his breath a little before she stripped off her dress and sat down on the bed next to him. His eyes widened a little and he was blushing again, because apparently this was also his first time seeing a naked woman. Lust instructed him where to touch, how much pressure, and to put what where, and he hesitantly complied with her demands and found them pleasurable as well, soon enough he was ready for a second round. Seeing this Lust laid on her back with her legs spread and told Edward step by step what he had to do now. Soon they got into a rhythm that’s pace quickened as Edward got a little bit more confident, both of them moaning by now.

When it was all over, their limbs tangled together both slightly panting, Lust smiled a little and kissed the tired boy on the forehead and she got up to leave because she had to report back soon and it would be bad if she were late. As she had her clothes back on and was heading for the door she herd a small noise from the bed so she turned around to see Edward sitting up.

“Wait, Lust. What if I...ah what if I want to do this again some time?” Edward said clearly embarrassed.

“Hm? Oh well, I guess you could go around without wearing your coat until I see it. I’ll check up on you from time to time so I probably won’t make you wait too long.”

“Oh, okay. Um, why did you do this anyway?”

“....I’m not entirely sure of that myself. Just be glad about your good fortune, because if the others find out that might cause trouble for the both of us.”

“Oh. Thank you, then.”

Lust just shrugged her shoulders and left Edward sitting there. Edward contemplating weather or not to sleep or to get dressed and go back, he decided to go back before Al worried about him. He didn’t know how much time has past since he came here so it would probably be best to take his nap after he got back, maybe a shower to would be a good idea.

Everyday those next few weeks Edward didn’t put on his coat and Lust visited every time he was alone and had some free time. Everything else went back to normal, except the people in Mustangs crew though he’d givin up on dating.

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