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There are a few things I'm looking for, but I decided to wait until I had a few collected so I could combine them into one larger post.

1) I'm looking for anyplace that has a large compilation of icons, preferably including Maria Ross, Riza Hawkeye or Lust. I've surfed a few icon communities before and could never find any that I really liked.

2) I'm also on the search for homunculi merchandise. Both my sister and I are absolutely in love with all seven, and it would make me happy if someone had some things for sale or knew where I could perchase homunculi goodies. and Ebay are both depressingly lacking in that department ;__;

3) Anywhere that has a collection of yuri fanwork- I love fma_yuri and ToukaKoukan, but I've exhausted both of them. A point in the direction of a site, writer or artist would be very much appreciated.

Please and Thankyou! <3


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