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2 Banners & a question. nwn;

Not that I'm sure that anyone has a use for 'em... >.>;

I was experiementing with blending images, and I decided to use Lust as my guinea pig. After all, I don't see that much Lust banners.
I was also trying to quote her, but I couldn't come up with anything. Then Trance [To Homunculus] popped up on my iTunes, and I heard that quote from Lust, "Who am I, and where did I come from..?" and.. I quoted that. >.o;;

I also made a rainbowy Al banner. n.n;;; It..was amusing. I took it from Bluebird's Illusion, but I don't remember exactly where. D: (If anyone knows where I might've gotten the picture, please tell me, and I'll credit them! -sweatdrop-
Also a question about Movie!Al inside the Lj-cut, because I don't know if it's considered a spoiler or whatever...

Erk, I suppose there's rules. o_o;
Okay, not really.. -sweat-
No credit is needed.
Snatch it if you want it.
Direct link if you want to, after all, I'm hosting them on Imageshack. ^^;
Comments & crits would be nice, since I know that there was something I could do to make them better.
..I'm really not good at crediting people.. Dx So I'm really really sorry if I'm forgetting people.

Like I said, I had a question about Movie!Al...
In the movie, I saw that he had transmutation circles on his gloves, so I was wondering if anyone had a picture of that. ^^;
And I'm also wondering if anyone has an image of the transmutation circle that Al uses during the anime.

Thank you all in advance! ^^;;;

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