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Hi, I'm new

I joined a couple weeks ago and I decided to drop a wave to everyone.

I'm really impressed with FMA. It's refreshingly original and all the characters are well developed and interesting. Partly kidding sidenote here, is it me or in every episode something horrible happens to a child? My friends and I poke fun at that. If you think back, something does. XD Anyway...

I strongly like the female characters in this series. I've been watching female characters a bit more as of late because of a post on rabidfanssuck which spoke about how there are no strong female characters in anime. If anything debunks that theory, FMA does. Hawkeye, Winry, Lust, and Ed and Al's teacher are very with it females that kick so much ass. They break the mold in many respects.

Hawkeye is strong and holds her own in a male dominated unit. She doesn't have to be a bitch to get her respect. Her respect lies in her nobility and her wisdom. Winry could so easily be the typical clingy love interest but she isn't. She is a bit scattered and spastic but she is intelligent and doesn't whine at all. I think she only whined once in the whole series (about Ed's automail and it is a legitamate reason). Ed whines more than she does (then again, Ed doesn't exactly have it easy)! Lust is just a strong villianess. The last one I mentioned has quickly become one of my favorite characters, Ed and Al's teacher and I totally forgot her name. She's a housewife and an alchemist. She has respect but she gains it through fear. Even so, she is very intelligent and strong willed. I look forward to what else can be revealed about her.

Anyway, those were thoughts that crossed my mind. I almost wanted to reopen that debate on weak anime females and use those girls as an example. However, that debate best be left dead and buried.

Lastly, I would like to ask if there are any good FMA wallpapers out there or a site that has them?

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