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Chapter 34 Spoilers

- Ed-tachi go on a train to get to Central.
- Barry is back.
- Roy is pasted out in books.
- Roy goes to the bathroom to wash his face.
- Armstrong walks into the bathroom and talks to Roy about the war.
- Alex is holding a boy in his arms that is dead, sobbing (Memories).
- There is a shot of the Crimson Alchemist's hand (Memories).
- Riza (o.O;;?) is sniping Roy (Memories). o.O;;
- Envy (YAY!!), Lust, and Gluttony talk with each other. They are surrounded by Chimeras in cages.
- I believe Maria Ross is accused on murdering Hughes... *not too sure...*
- Havoc goes out to go on a date.
- ... His date is... >> << Lust.
- Everyone is back in Central. Yay!!

- End Chapter -

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