alaynea decker (i_luv_al) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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more stuff

for today i have a fangirl survial guide, a pg rated elric comic, and puppy Al.
i'm scary with an axe

ha ha,al's killing alannah

yes i know that was short but i've been sick lately,and yes i had to take a bathroom break
now on to the elricest comic
but first just one little thing

my weiner dog takes kids from playgrounds
ok now here's the comic

alannah really did run into poll and her eye started swelling

i would trade a kiss for a lollypop

the whole thing with royce the monkey is that my friend royce wanted to be in one of my comics so i said ok but it was just to hard to draw him
and now here is puppy al

yes he is protecting a kitten
ed puppy coming soon


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