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Anime/Manga=Not OTP?

The "Open Letter to all Members" and "Frequently Asked Questions" are both locked for some reason, I've searched the memories(when they work *stabs LJ*) but there's almost 1500 memories, so it's possible that I missed it. O_O

Can anyone please direct me to a post/site/whatever that tells us all the differences between the anime/manga and not just ONE chapter specifically? Those are the only entires I''m finding.

I plan to dive into the manga as soon as the anime is over in a few weeks, and I know certain storylines, words, characters were changed/not included in the anime that are in the manga.

I'd like to know about these things ahead of time so that I'm not all "BUH?" when I read it. I've read the recent Chapters along with you guys(death to the Panda and all that jazz, lol) but I plan to start on Chapter 1.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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