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"Cartoon Profile" Errors

Well, long time lurker here to report a little hilarious error that The San Francisco Chronicle made (or rather the TV guide thing that comes in their newspapers every Sunday). So as usual I was bored and wanted to know what it was doing so I searched in the newspaper to find the TV guide thing (actually being my lazy self I told my sister to "help" me find it >_>'). She flips through it first and goes OMG look it's Fullmetal Alchemist (in her sarcastic voice because she does not value my fangirl-ness of it) and throws me the booklet thing. Each week they run these little mini articles before they show that chart thing of the times and what's showing on TV and to my supprise this week's mini article for the "Cartoon Profile" is for who else, but EDWARD ELRIC! I quickly skim through it and what else should I find but one of the many mistakes that people have been making about the anime series. So I have decided to share the joy and post what it said.

SLIGHTLY SPOLIERISH!! ...if you don't know how Winry's parents died or truth about Ed's Father.

Okay so I don't have a scanner but there's no harm in typing everything...

"Cartoon Profile" by Sharla Etkin-Ives (c)Zap2it

Edward Elric

Found in: Fullmetal Alchemist
Employment: State alchemist until he got angry at the way things were run by the military
Sibling: Younger brother Alphonse
Mother: Trisha, deceased
Father: Hohenheim, age 400
Searching for: The Philosopher Stone
Back Story: When their mother died, Edward and Alphonse tried to use alchemy to resurrect her; they failed, and the cost was Al's body and Ed's arm and leg.
Goal: To restore Al's body
Family Friend: Winry Rockbell, who fixes Ed's Auto-Mail
Superior officer: Roy Mustang, who killed Winry's doctor parents per orders
Enemies: The Homunculi, shape-shifters determined to become human at the cost of lives
Hair color: Blond
Hair Style: Braid
Dislikes: Being called short

Notice the Error yet? Lol. I was pointing and laughing at it once I read it. Obviously they haven't watched much of the series.

BUT on the plus side at least she: (1)Spelled "Fullmetal" correctly, (2)didn't call Al a robot, (3)got most of the info correct...

I tried looking for the e-mail address or something so I could contact them and tell them about the mistake but I guess zap2it is somehow different online (?) and doesn't have any record of cartoon profiles? *shrug* I hope someone else besides me get the SF Chronicle delivered to them so the profile can be scanned (since it looks alot nicer than my typing ^_^;; ). Anywho I thought it was fun to post. Hopfully no one has posted it already, otherwise I will delete it.

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