Sins Immortal (sins_immortal) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Sins Immortal

A new doujinshi and art!

We come to you with an offer (read: comic pimp) and request for help.

First of all, this is the livejournal where our new online doujinshi, Sins Immortal, will be posted. We have yet to figure out posting dates and things, but it's just a heads-up.

Synopsis: The story is a major AU, cross between the anime and manga. Ed and Al are being tracked down by the homunculi, and then everything goes to pot when Winry, Roy and the rest of the posse get caught up in it. What do they want with Ed and Al? What... who is that? Blue stones?! Al... Winry... Havoc... Roy?! What are...- - -

Major Spoilers when we get around to it. Plot FTW! Can't forget all the fun we're gonna have with pairings, angst, squick, wtf-ness and crack. And that's not even the whole list.


There are three of us working on this little project.

purplemewit is currently editing and making the script presentable. Believe us, with all the gibbering we did, it's a major task. Besides, everything included, it's over 500 Word pages. X-x

tromkehra and dragonalchemist are trying to decide who is going to do the underlying sketches and who is going to do the coloring.

We came up with a plan. We each do a version of what we want the cover to look like, then put it up to a vote. The only rule there really happened to be was for the cover to feature Envy, Roy and Winry. Anything else could be added if we wanted.

So now, we come to you, our prospective *winkwinknudgenudge* viewers for the vote!

Give us comments, give us feedback and give us a vote. Tell us who you think should color and who should do the sketches. (One of us can't do both jobs, sadly. ^_^; )

We really appreciate it. :D

Cover #1

This one is by dragonalchemist

Cover #2

This one is by tromkehra

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