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06 March 2006 @ 12:20 am
[pics] TONS OF PICS  
Eight of them--count them, eight. I did them mostly in one day (if you consider the time I spent from about 3AM on Saturday to about...some odd time in the afternoon on Sunday as one day)

Someone had pointed out to me that I do too much angst, not enough fluff...

...which is true. I kinda wracked my brains and wondered if there was anything of mine that did not have connotations of death/suffering/torment/blood/etc... XD; couldn't seem to find any. FMA is full of angst--and even my FLUFFIEST pairing, Heaven Love...started cuz of angst/death. *laughs*

So, what to do? --ask a whole chatroom full of people for fluffy bunnies. Here they are.

Elricest: Oyaji!Ed and Al
Roy/Havoc: Button Your Own Shirt
Little Elrics: Protect You From the Rain
Hei/Al: A Boy Who is Like Air/Angel to Me
RoyEd: Bubbles
Elrics: By Candlelight
Scar/Al: Snowcone
Ed, Al, and Winry: Lemonade

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