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I bestow you guys, a fanfic! =D

Just a little ficlet I made ^^ It's my first fanfic, so sorry if it isn't that great XD

Title: S.W.A.K.
Author: Mika9101
Pairing: Ed/Winry
Rating: PG-13

Oh, btw, this takes place during Ed's last visit in Risembool before he goes through the gate (Ep.45).

By: Mika9101

"Do you really have to leave Ed?" He nodded. "You can't just stay for a couple of more days? At least just one more day?" He shook his head. "Ah-I see. Alright, I understand." Ed nod-Wait, what did she just say? He looked up at her to see her eyes forming tears, fists balled up tightly. "I understand that you obviously don't care for us anymore, Edward Elric!" Winry furiously walks away, tears falling behind her, leaving a shocked Ed behind. "No, no wait Winry, you know I don't mean it like that! Wait-" Right before Edward stop her, she slams the door shut in his face, causing him to stumble backwards a bit. "Damn," he mutters under his breath, running his fingers through his hair. He hates seeing Winry cry, especially if its over him. It makes him feel like a pathetic loser, seeing someone he cares about so deeply cry over him, out of all people. He looks out the window and sees Winry sitting under the oak tree, facing away from the house. She really looked beautiful the way she was right now, sitting under there still wearing her nightgown, hair down dancing with the wind, god she was gorgeous. It was something he would never really say, heck it didn't even sound like something he would think about at all, but he always thought Winry was really beautiful. Ed snaps out of day dreaming, hearing metal footsteps behind him. "Big Brother, is there something wrong?" Ed continues to stare out the window, forming a small, yet fake smile. "Nah Al, you know, just the usual. I told Winry we were leaving tomorrow." Al sits next to him on the bed. "Oh." There was a long quiet silence between the two. Al looks up at his older brother to see him looking out the window. He tries to see what Ed's been staring at for such a long time, then remembers Winry walking out to the back. He sits back down and starts to think about the two for a while. "Why don't you go and talk to her?" Al says, breaking the silence. Ed raises his head from his hand after resting on it for a while, moving his wrist a bit. "I would, but all she would do is start crying again and then she'll run away from me." "And has that ever stopped you before?" Ed turns around to look at Al who was looking down at the ground. Al feels his older brother glaring at him, but still keeps his head down. He gets up and walks out towards the door. "You better hurry before it's too late, Older Brother." After listening to Al's footsteps, he gets up, grabs his coat, and walks out the door.

- - -

As he walks towards her, he sees Winry still staring out towards the distance. Usually, she would be inside by now since it was so windy, but she must've been really upset to have stayed out here. He walks closer to her, sort of shuffling his feet in the grass to see if she would notice him. She certainly hears his footsteps, but decides to ignore them. "Aren't you cold," He places his coat around her shoulders and speaks in the calmest voice she's ever heard from him, "just sitting here, letting all the wind hit'chya?" Her cheeks start to tint a bit of pink from Ed's affection towards her, but she still keeps quiet since she was still upset at him. She turns her head a bit to try to look at him from the corner of her eye, but has a hard time from a combination of the wind and her hair blowing in her face. "Well, aren't you going to leave? Like you always do?" Ouch, That hurt. "Winry, you know I have to leave. We're so close to getting our bodies back to normal, we can't just give up now. Don't you want me to get my limbs back to normal?" He starts hearing sniffles. "Don't you want Al to get his body back?" She turns around and starts crying even more. "Idiot! You know I want you guys to get everything back to normal! It's just that.." She starts to wipe her eyes with the back of her wrists as tears come falling down her cheeks. Ed kneels down towards her and grips onto her shoulders so she doesn't face away from him. "What? What is it? Tell me Winry, I need to know before I-" "I have this feeling that you won't be coming back, Edward." He looks at her with widened eyes as she buries her face into the crook of his neck. "Something is telling me that after you leave today, you're never coming back Ed, and I'm just scared because I don't want you to go." He blushes a bit from feeling Winry's breath against his neck and hearing her tell him how much she cares about him. He lifts up her chin so she's facing him and looks at her with strong, yet calm eyes. "Look, I don't know what's going to happen to me Win, but I promise that I'll come back." She looks up at him, her eyes glistening from both her tears and happiness. "Promise?" He lets out a gasp, a little shocked from her sudden change in feelings, but then looks at her with a soft smile. "I promise." She forms a huge smile on her face and throws her arms around her neck. Ed starts blushing again. She lets go and looks up at him. "If you really promise me Ed, you have to seal the promise with a kiss." He starts blushing furiously. "W-W-Wait a minute, why do I have to do something stupid like that? You know I never break my promises!" She starts pouting at him. "Idiot! We have to! This isn't just any promise, it's a serious promise! You are suppose to when-" She was cut off by Ed's mouth covering hers, and stiffens a bit at first, but then she relaxes after a while. They both share a long, deep kiss after a while until Al comes to tells Ed they have to leave. After a long explanation with Al, Ed cools off a bit during the train ride. He stares out the window and smiles a huge, soft smile. Heh, I guess you could say.. that promise was S.W.A.K.

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