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Icons and a short Hello.

I hope this doesn't count as an introduction post...
You'll have to forgive me (or at least try)-- I'm very new at LiveJournal.

I don't know what an LJ Cut or a Fake Cut is...yet I'm currently reading the FAQ right now, so maybe that'll explain it to me.

By the way, if you'd like, you can call me Kita. Hanabira..whatever, is too long to type. x-o;;

Anyways, I've got some icons for everyone on here! ^__^;;
I'm not that good yet, so you'll have to excuse me. ^^;;

A sample icon: (These are just taken from my journal...)

The one with Al "Nothing can erase the things we did..." was taken from the song, "Brothers".
The one with Ed "My brother, the fault is mine..." was also taken from "Brothers", and the picture is from Bluebird's Illusion.
The one with Trisha "Once you were gone, we were not complete..." is ALSO from "Brothers".
The one with both Ed & Al is just an icon I /had/ to make because the picture was way too cute. (Even if the quality was kinda bad. >.>)
Lastly, there's a plain Shower!Al from Bluebird's Illusion.

I hope the lj-cut worked. I hear that I can't the link in the preview. So sorry if I got it wrong!
I hope I didn't break any rules either. D: I re-read 'em at least 2 times.. -sweat-

EDIT: Thanks to sannask for pointing this out to me! ^^;;

Credit also goes to tobu_ishi and oki_chan for "Brothers", because without 'em, the english version might not exist. D: Ohnoes.

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