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Post-movie Sketches

Hey all ^_^ I've been working (slowly but diligently) on a doujinshi I want to draw, and I thought that since I can finally take pictures of things (yay DigiCam!) I'd share a few sketches. Mind you, only a few, since I'm being rather secretive about the plot and such. No real reason why though XP

Anyways, for those of you who haven't seen the movie, these are kinda spoilerish. Not really, but I wouldn't want it spoil anyone if they don't want to be, so I'll put that up there just in case.

Sorry the resolutions so bad. Cameras just are NOT a substitution for a scanner, especially in regaurds to sketches...

One of the Aru concept sketches. I tried to make him look a little older than at the end of the movie but...he still looks so young! *sighs*

Edo, just what are you busy with?...

Edo, looking pouty XP

*shrugs* Not the best example of my art, but then. they're just sketches. I'll post some better stuff later on ^_^

And remember: Comments are L O V E ^__^

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