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[crappy Webcam Video] Fun With FMA Figures- Part 2


This one is a result of boredom at like 2AM.......

Title: Fun With Figures: FMA- Part 2: My Big Fat Alchemist Wedding
Genre: Humor, Parody, Crappy Webcamness
Characters: Ed, Al, Winry, Roy, Envy, Havoc, Russell, Hoho, Fletcher, Hughes, Riza, Sephiroth (as the minister), and a bunch of others....
Voices: kyatto and noroki_girl
Filmed by: noroki_girl 's webcam on her computer. XD
Length: Roughly 20 mins
Rating: Hard PG-13.....Heck with it, it's R for....stuff.....>_>;;

Summary: In slight continuation from the first one. What happens at Ed and Winry's wedding doesn't quite go as they planned....


Uploaded to : YouTube (If your computer does not support YouTube feel free to PM or email noroki_girl with a request for it to be directly sent to you or uploaded to a YSI )

Notes: Full View if you are able to. (Looks better) Also you may want to turn your sound up. We apologize if there's anything overly offensive in it....but we tried to be pretty equal with the jokes..... We can say Ed/Win, Winry/Riza, Russell/Ed and other shippers will be pleased XD Sephiroth can pwn any wedding ^.^;;


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