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Well...I decided to give a shot at writing some fanfiction from a little idea that gnawed on my head last night when I couldn't sleep.

Just something short, Ed's point of view thinking about Al... I shall say no more X) *snerks*

Yes...I am ready to be attacked by stuff for this one ^^;;;;


"People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something. You must present something of equal value to gain something. That is the principle of equivalent trade in alchemy."

That is what he and I believed. When we were younger.

There comes a point in every alchemist's life where you find yourself at a crossroads, questioning as to what is equal to be exchanged for another.

I found it odd that three little words could change so much. I could never even fathom the thought that is could change someone's life and views and feelings forever.

I had no idea.

Yet, it wasn't hard to work out that sometimes that is the way of the world. The most irrelevant thing can be the most important thing. Like screws that hold automail together, or a fraction of a order from a higher rank which makes your mission a completely different one to what it could be if that little thing were not mentioned.

So three small words to someone you care about... Of course they could effect them in the greatest of ways.

If I had known back then, maybe I would never of thought it, never of said it. Maybe it would be different if I hadn't said that to him.

As powerful as alchemy is, it can not reverse some things, such as lives, time, and things said. Perhaps it's just as well really. Whoever worked out the theories behind alchemy must of wanted those working with it to learn from their mistakes. Maybe alchemy is closer to life then I ever imagined.

I remember how he looked back then. His eyes were always bright, shining, something about them was just very different to my own. Something different but I liked that. They were a different colour too...kinda grey-green...maybe a bit of blue. I wish I could remember better.

Three words can change everything. It can change everything between two people. Maybe I should have been more careful. But back then, I was stupid. I know better now.

Yet at the time, I look down at him. He looked so sad, lonely, I didn't know how to help but he was my brother. I wanted to make him smile again. Or try to.

Now I know that what I said was not the way to do it. Yet, at the time all I could hear in my head was those three words I wanted to say to him.

And I said it.


He looked at me, but I couldn't meet his eyes. Those eyes. The eyes of my brother. I couldn't look at him while I spoke. So I just said it, no shame, no thought, I just said it.

Thinking back it's the hardest thing I ever said.

"Let's revive mom."

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