Emma (gretchen8642) wrote in fm_alchemist,

limericks eh?

so i've written a number of fullmetal limericks while on crack. i will post them here.

let's try some fullmetal limericks!

this one is in three parts.

there was once a young boy named ed
who found himself tied to a bed
when roy mustang arrived
their lovemaking thrived
and the elric came on roy's head.
now, that sent roy to a rage
and he placed young ed in a cage
then alphonse came in
and though made of tin
he fucked ed and slipped him some yage
( yage -- : a powerful hallucinogenic beverage prepared from any of several tropical plants (genus Banisteriopsis of the family Malpighiaceae))
now ed was quite out of his mind
and to lovers he found he was blind
and so havoc and hughes
and envy and bradley
and russel and hohenheim
and fletcher and greed
and archer and gluttony
and kimblee and breda
and pinako and hayate
and er. wrath
all found ed and came from behind

good going. how about more!

there was once a young pyro named roy
who stumbled upon a sex toy
and into his ass
he shoved it with class
and hughes joined him and it was a joy.

a young master sergent named fuery
found he was quite fond of yuri
like winry and riza
and shiezka the tease-a (...)
he let himself cum with a fury!

that's a copout.


alphonse was an alchemic genius
who lacked what they now call a penis
his brother's was flaccid
and al, not quite placid,
aroused him with regular lenis.

Articulated with relatively low pressure of the airstream below the glottis, as English (b) and (d) compared with (p) and (t).

using obscure vocabulary to make limericks is probably cheating.

lesee.. i didn't do an envy one.

edward was sitting alone
for his angst he liked to bemoan
envy sat with the boy
said "hey, now i'm roy!"
and then ed jumped all over his bone...s

oh, here's a crack one!

gluttony was rather fat
but hohenheim was into that
the two homely gents
made each other content
and emma vomited into her hat.

(emma being me)


roy mustang is some kind of bishie
so it may seem a little bit fishy
that's he's so dependant
on his first liuetenant
to keep his peenpeen from going all squishy.

and some crack:


roy was just a little bit late
when he learned riza was really the gate!
so he was quite vexed
when he looked for some sex
and found it was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway with little limb and potentially manhood stealing imp children in it.

i appologize for this. hahaha


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