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Fic: "The Fundamentals of Comradeship"

Title: The Fundamentals of Comradeship
Authors: A boopkit & tomoe_daeva MSN collaboration
Pairing: Arckim, of course XD
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Well, I suppose our English sucks XDD If you find errors, mispellings and other horrors don't hesitate to tell :D This is a What If ffic: it's about Archer and Kimblee at Ishbal. And yes, they are ranked Colonel and Lieutenant Colonel the same (blame my wife and her total careless for storylines XD)
Word Count: 2189
Notes: Well, this had to be a gift by boopkit to me, but this morning she contacted me saying "Weeh, let's write the fanfic together!". I knew this meant I have to say goodbye to my gift XDD Anyway it was funny :D
I tried to underline my point of view about the relationship between Archer & Kimbley, at least I hope you'll find it interesting.

( 'I don't need your affection or sympathy, soldier. I don't need your respect neither. I only need your FUCKING ABSOLUTE AND TOTAL obedience, you get it..?' )

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