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Fic: Third Gate

Title: Third Gate
Author: Shoeless Wanderer
Rating: PG.
Spoiles?: Alt. Universe fic. No spoilers.
Crossover: Fullmetal Alchemist/Lucifer
Summary: Ed finds a third gate into a completely new cosmos.
Author’s Notes: It helps to be familiar with the canon of the Vertigo comic Lucifer. (A Sandman spin off.) If you wish to view some scans from the comic, please click here. Comments are enjoyed, critiques are adored.
Disclaimer: FMA © Respective Owners. Lucifer © Vertigo Comics

The Story Proper:

Ed was laying flat on his bed, trying to fall asleep. The room was small and dark, with nothing but a bed, a desk, and a small nightstand. The window to the left of the bed provided all the light that Edward needed. He closed his eyes again, hoping that the Sandman might decide to pay him a visit this evening. The boy hadn’t gotten a decent night’s sleep in months. When he did, Edward was tormented with strange, mystifying dreams. The scenery resembled Picasso paintings, the people looked like wood carvings from ancient bibles kept in museums. The content never made sense. It wasn’t like dreams had any symbolic meaning.

Night passed. Edward woke up at three in the morning for no apparent reason. He groaned and turned over in his bed, placing his head underneath the pillow. Ed ignored the howling winds outside, and the door in the middle of his bedroom. “Wait…” Ed muttered, sitting up in bed. The thin white sheets slid off him as he straightened up, staring at the door. “What the hell?” Blink, blink. “Where’d that come from?!”

He paced over to the door, examining it. It was tall, the regular size of a door. He looked on the other side. It simply lead to the other half of the room, where the desk was. Ed frowned and stared at the door, running his hands over the thick oak. If there was one rule to live by, Ed had discovered it was do not trust doors. They have a tendency to steal your limbs. But still, there was something so tempting about that door…

…Ed opened the door carefully, staring into the frame curiously. He felt his body being sucked into the door’s blinding white light. It was almost as if someone had tied a rope around his body and attached it to a large truck and started the truck. Edward slammed his eyes shut, expecting the gate to take another limb at any time.

Instead of the gate he had experienced before, with many hands and the Truth, Edward found himself amongst thousands, maybe millions, of people. They were from all walks of life. It seemed as if everyone from everywhere on the planet had been transported to where Ed stood. He looked around, trying to figure out his location, deciphering the landscape from the throngs of people in it. It looked green and grassy, and then there were gorgeous mountains in the far off distance. The sky with bright and clear, full of puffy white clouds.

The other people around Edward looked bewildered and confused, and began talking to each other frantically. From what he had picked up, everyone was brought here by a door or what some thought might have been a gate, but they weren’t exactly sure. This went on for a while. It seemed like forever to Ed.

All of the chatter suddenly died down, and the crowd of people looked upwards, collectively. Before them stood a giant man with wings as tall as the sky. He was naked, but he had a smooth genderless crotch. His eyes were a bright yellow, and his hair looked like it was a mix of red, orange, and yellow all at the same time. As soon as the crowd was completely quiet, the man as tall as the sky began to talk.

”You’ve been looking for a new world, and you’ve found it. Congratulations,” he said. The voice was loud, echoing off the mountains. “And a word of warning. Remember that my hand is outstretched above you.” His hand stretched out, grazing the mountain tops. It looked as if the man’s hands could have easily snatched up the mountains and rolled them as if they were dice. “In a literal, not a metaphorical sense. There are certain things I will not tolerate. Don’t bring the habit of worship here with you. Graven images, anthropomorphized abstractions, cosmic principles; they’re all equally unacceptable. Those who are hiding behind human seemings, you can keep them – but remember that I see through your faces. I know exactly who you are. If you set up churches or call yourselves gods I’ll destroy you. That’s all. I don’t believe in doves or covenants. You’ll know if you displeased me if the sky turns black.”

The man in the sky disappeared, leaving the crowds to talk amongst themselves. Ed wondered what was meant by ‘those hiding behind human seemings’, but then decided that it was far too important. A world with no Gods sounded like a good world to him.


Endnote For Those Unfamiliar with the Lucifer Canon: Lucifer is a comic series by Vertigo that follows Lucifer as portrayed in the series The Sandman by Neil Gaiman. In the comic, Lucifer creates his own cosmos which is linked to our world by gates. His rules, as stated above, are extremely simple and reflect many of his own beliefs. I felt that Ed, in a world without gods, might be interesting. Lucifer's speech is taken from volume four, the Divine Comedy. Scans of the speech are available here.
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