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.............. so....... let me get this straight....

It's been a long time since I actually lurked here, so I'm a little behind on recent FMA news.

But..... I been hearing that:

- The OAVs, from what I know there's a total of 4. One is a complete chibi ep, another I know has things that happen in the anime(And has Wrath, Envy and Greed in them at least), there's another being liveaction(heaven forbid ~.~), and one.... featuring presentday!Ed. *REALLY hopes those last two aren't true* ;__;
- Another is I keep hearing is talk of there's going to be a NEW anime series(due to some magazine scan some months back or so), starting where the movie left off... I'm still wondering how that's going to be pulled off -.-;
- And finally, I heard a complete random rumor there will be a 2ND movie in the near future. Which, I don't find true at all but....

Anyways, has there been more information on any of these? Because I just want to clarify some of this once and for all =/

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