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Crappy Webcam Fun- Fun With Figures: FMA


During a major sugar-high noroki_girl and I got really bored. Then we noticed that she got her webcam working and had a really good microphone. So we gathered some figures off the top of my TV and made a little movie type thing.

Title: Fun With Figures: FMA
Characters: Edward, Alphonse, Roy, Riza, Winry, Another Ed figure (taking the place of Russell, because I don't think they made one of him ^^;) , Link (from Zelda, as Fletcher), Dark Magician (from YuGiOh, as Hohenheim), Meg (from Burst Angel as Mary-Sue) , and Envy
Voices: kyatto and noroki_girl (We are sorry for our poor attempts at acting XD)
Length: 30 mins
Uploaded To: http://youtube.com/watch?v=MKmeyPbRc_U
Notes: Best viewed in Large or Full-Screen mode. Also you may want to turn your sound up a little bit to hear it, when we condensed the file some of the volume of the sound was lowered. (If there are any major delays with the Video not matching the Audio we apologize. It works fine on the PCs but I noticed a small delay when I ran it on YouTube on my Mac. But it may just be my computer ^_^;; )


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