the quagga (the_quagga) wrote in fm_alchemist,
the quagga

Greetings! Today I come bearing ficcage from an AU I've been writing lately. This is the third part of a series of Roy/Ed ficlets set during a war.

Author: the_quagga.
Pairing: Roy/Ed.
Chapter: Three. Previous two parts linked in post.
Rating/Warnings: R, for violence in some parts and strong language. ANGST. Very mild shonen-ai.
Summary: The battle is over. Ed hates Roy's fumbling attempts at being kind, especially when he knows he doesn't deserve it.
Notes: Thank you, betas!

(Onwards to ficcage! Links to part one and two included.)

spammed x-posted to steelandsparks, fm_alchemist and my LJ. Hopefully.
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