Kiwi (penfreak) wrote in fm_alchemist,

I finished.

Unfortunately, I had to tear it out of my sketchbook to scan it without a blur ;~; Which means I have to take to cropping and punched pockets and ringbinding to store my art... (at least I figured out how to stop the blur though... I have to PUSH DOWN on the top of the scanner).

So... cyberpunk Winry :3

In the cyberpunk AU, Winry is apprenticed to a cybernetic prosthetics and enhancements specialist, and is knowledgable about robots. Al is a robot in this AU - NOT a suit of armour. After all, in this kind of environment you're rather more likely to come across an old broken robot nearby than a suit of armour, yes? Winry 'plays' with Al. It's a rather crappy robot, it needs fixing, otherwise Al will just keep falling over...

As per usual, fanart usage terms are on my FAQ, and my website may be found at:

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