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Full Metal Alchemist

While re-watching the first two episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, I caught something that I completely missed the first time around.. For the sake of spoilers, my question shall hide behind a LJ-cut. For those who don't care or have already seen the first two episodes of FMA. Proceed.

Did anybody else notice that the mysterious woman and her partner, the small and stocky black man, are named after the seven deadly sins? She calls him Gluttony in the first episode and he calls her Lust in the second one. Plus, towards the end of the second episode when the "real" Reverand comes back, Lust specifically calls the thing inside his body Envy.

So my question is why are they named this? And does this mean that there are a a couple more baddies to take the roles of the rest of the seven deadly sins? While I'm at it, how many episodes are there in the first season of FMA, is it 12 or 13?

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