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Color Scheme in FMA

Hello! Mah first post! Please please forgive me if this has been brought up before, I've searched back a bunch of pages and couldn't find anything on the subject. Thought I'd share some nonsensical ramblings thoughts on FMA stuffu.

Has anyone ever noticed the color scheme in FMA before? I've been baffled by it for a while now and haven't fully figured it out. I always pay attention to color schemes in anime, they can usually tell so much about what the artists are trying to convey. Plus I took too many theatrical scene design classes in college.

So, the color scheme in FMA is incedibly brilliant. Colors are always very contrasting and bright. Just with Ed and yellow hair/red coat. Blue colors of the National Alchemists. Bright, primary. It helps with the "in your face" ness of the series, that it forces you to deal with what is going on in their lives.

But what really gets me is the world they live in. If you notice, during the really important emotional scenes, its usually taking place at sunset. Especially if they're out in a field, like when Ed visited his mother's grave or in this last episode with the last scene with Izumi/Ed/Al. The sky is always a reddish-orange. And this always makes the grass color slightly surreal. If you notice, this color scheme of red/orange/slightly orangish green, is used a lot in the new OP.

I've struggled a lot with what this means, and I've come to the conclusion that its not just for dramatic effect. There's something very unnatural about a red sky. Something ominous, something that's not quite right, as if the world itself is not quite right or normal. I believe the colors used in this series really utilizes this idea. With the Scar/Ed/Al fight, it was raining, and everything was muffled. Rain is used a little too much for ominous-ness, but I think its also used as another way of showing the sky so its not "normal" per se.

I guess my point is, you get a sense that something is very wrong and disturbing with this world that they live in. It hightens the drama greatly, but also goes onto a deeper level, not just showing what is sad with the way Ed/Al are and their lives, but also the world where Alchemy exists.

Any disagreements are welcome. It may seem silly and unimportant, but things like sound/background are what help ultimately give the mood of what you're watching.
*hugs for all*

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