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Okay, I know that this is techinically a form of spam, but as it is related to FMA, I hope you will all understand and show me some mercy.

If anyone is interested in discussing FMA on a mailing list in addition to the LJ groups, I'll provide information behind this cut.

Right now the list has only 100 members, which is a paltry number when compared to the massive number of FMA fans floating around on the net. Still, we're managing to keep some interesting discussions going, and we'd love to get more input from others.

Right now we're mostly engaging in future episode speculation, keeping a lot of the discussion away from pairings and things of that nature. Not that we don't like pairings, we just like the central plot of the show better.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can enter your email address below and check it out. I'm sure we'd all love you have you join!

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Okay, sorry about that. I promise that I shall spam no more.

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