Keraha (keraha) wrote in fm_alchemist,

fanart-- Roy

Stayed home today and doodled in place of working. The only thing halfway decent that came of it is a lopsided Roy doodle. And as I feel rather sadistic today, all of you are subjected to That Which I Call Roy.


Title: Roy Doodle
Person Who Tried to Draw It: Keraha
Warnings: Nope. A terribly boring picture, really. Lopsided and sedentary.
And here it is...  (at my LJ as I can't seem to find that url and am too lazy to hunt it down -_-;;)

And as a completely unrelated sidenote-- whoa, this community's gotten big since last time I've checked. Where did these hundreds of members come from? *boggles* Mind you, I'm not complaining. Spread the love! ^.~


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