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Contest Announcement

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Okay. I'm officially bonkers. I got talked into this, since apparently there's not anything like this yet in the fandom, and I guess that means I'm the lucky guinea pig for starting it. Join in, and help me make it as successful as everyone's promising me it would be. :D

It's a seasonal thing, with a theme selected for each season. The theme selected for the Spring 2004 contest is First Kiss. Entries are accepted as of April 1st, 2004, and will be accepted through midnight (EST) of May 31st, 2004. Voting for the popular awards will be open on June 1st, 2004. This specific theme has additional limitations, beyond the contest's standard rules.

- No stories rated above PG-13. See the codes & colors page if you need more information in determining your story's rating.
- The short and long categories will be divided into orange and purple icons. (This will not occur for all competition themes.)
- Any nominations with citrus content above a kiss will summarily removed.

The four categories for this Season's theme are:

- Short story - orange
- Short story - purple
- Long story - orange
- Long story - purple

Any and all pairings are welcome, obviously (as denoted by the het/yaoi-yuri icon-color subcategories). The stories do not have to focus on main characters but can be about secondary characters. Original characters are encouraged, if they contribute to the storyline.

For more information, including the rules, voting, criteria, and submitting your own story, see Scimitar Smile, under Contests.

Thanks, all!

- Sol

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