Kalika Maxwell (kalikamaxwell) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Kalika Maxwell

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I bring fanart

So I'm at my mom's and I discovered my sister started a drawing of a certain short alchemist. But it seems no amount of bothering from my part will get her to bloody finish it(how can she have so little faith in her abilities? It's good!).*sigh* It's supposed to be a 'Ed's uke but only because he damn well wants to be' pic. I'd really like if she'd go and draw the rest, namely the furniture and the colonel. Well, for now we got shirtless Ed. Which is good in itself.

Ed sketch

Must convince her to draw more. >.> I feel vaguely guilty for urging my 16 years old sister to draw stuff like that but I reckon her mind's as bad as mine by now...


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