let no foot mark your ground, (_facade) wrote in fm_alchemist,
let no foot mark your ground,

x. Do not direct-link.
x. Comment when taking.
x. credit _facade or __elysian.
x. Textless icons are not bases.

Icons (x34)
x03 Bleach [01 Ichigo/02 Renji]
x01 DN Angel [01 Dark]
x05 Furuba [02 Kyou/02 Tohru/01 KyouxKisa]
x12 FMA [12 Roy]
x02 Gravi [01 Ryuichi+Shuichi/01 YukixShuichi]
x03 Naruto [01 ItachixSasuke/02 Sasuke]
x07 PoT [03 Atobe/02 Ryoma/02 Tezuka]
x01 RK [01 BattousaixTomoe]

Icons can be found here

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