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Gilded Question

I have a question concerning Gilded.
WARNING may contain Spoilers for SERIES, MOVIE and Fic.

I set out really not to have any relationships, but I find the impact at the end, that if I have Edward to eventually realize he loves Noa, will be greater (note, I am not into the idea of Ed falling in love with Noa and settling down sort of thing 00; This is all fiction mechanics) I've placed other references, concerning Ed's inability to realize relationships, Winry, and Alphons H, that are staring him in the face. Ed feels for others, but had a difficult time expressing it until it's too late.

My question to you is should I have Edward get a clue about Noa before the end or when it is too late? Or should I not have him feel anything for her at all, save for responsibility for a "sister" (which would make his forced marriage to her by the Kaiser even more horrid because it treads those lines (Noa is a symbol of freedom, freedom Ed and Al don’t have in the Gilded cage).

I ask you because I have no intention of this being a romantic fic, I want it to be an action adventure/hurt comfort fic but I need IMPACT at the end...

Heh, if I had my way (if I wanted to ignore my anal attachment to writing mechanics)... Jack would get his way, but, alas, he's not writing the story....

And remember...

Gravity Ships Roy Ed.... Sort of like may the force be with you....

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